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Bunkhouse Recovery

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I am Pat Potter, the proprietor behind Bunkhouse Behavioral Health LLC and Bunkhouse Recovery Ranch LLC. My personal journey of sobriety since 1994 led me to the realm of Crisis Management, where I've dedicated 28 years to navigating tumultuous situations. Often compared to figures like Ray Donovan and Olivia Pope, I define crisis management as the strategic process of skillfully addressing and alleviating the repercussions of unforeseen disruptions that can jeopardize an individual's or organization's reputation, operations, or stakeholders. This involves preemptively identifying potential crises, devising responsive strategies, and executing plans that resolve the crisis while minimizing harm and upholding trust.

In 2014, I pioneered what my crisis management firm termed an "EXFIL," adapting it for the behavioral health sector as an intervention. Later termed the "EXFIL Intervention," this structured process involves concerned parties intervening in someone's life, aiming to address problematic behavior, addiction, mental health concerns, or challenging situations. The aim is to demonstrate care, provide support, and motivate the individual to seek help and positive change. In my view, the continuity and principles of crisis management and intervention align seamlessly, making it an ideal service offering.

After conducting multiple EXFIL Interventions by 2021, I recognized a gap in healthcare providers' offerings, particularly in the realm of sober living and treatment programs. Few presented robust options that integrated high structure, intensive 12-step foundations, with a long-term focus. After consulting industry professionals, I embarked on designing a solution to this predicament, resulting in the birth of Bunkhouse.

Fueled by my affinity for western culture and rural living, I enthusiastically immerse myself in rodeos, camping escapades, and the embrace of the great outdoors. Cowboy boots hold a special place in my heart. These experiences have imparted insights into horsemanship and the very essence of ranch life. At the core of every ranch, regardless of size, resides a bunkhouse. Emblematic of communal existence, the cowboy bunkhouse graces rural landscapes, providing sanctuary to cowboys and ranch hands. This unpretentious yet indispensable structure offers respite, slumber, and secure storage for personal belongings amid the rhythmic tapestry of ranch chores—a sentiment evocative of the rustic allure depicted in the TV show Yellowstone.

As I bid farewell to my summer retreat, the proceeds have materialized into the embodiment of a profound vision: Bunkhouse Recovery Ranch. This endeavor epitomizes communal living, underscoring the conviction that enduring recovery is attainable through shared experiences, camaraderie, and diligent effort.

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